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IOKO is an international organization that promotes martial arts events and supports the touristic development of participating countries. We rate the best tournaments and rank competitors around the world. Learn more about us!


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Members are able to obtain points with every category they win, from first to third place. Accumulate points and rank amongst the best competitors to compete with a seed at the World Finals and receive an international recognition!
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Upcoming IOKO Events
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  1. El Salvador Martial Arts
    City & Country: San Salvador, El Salvador Promoter: Geancarlo Cerrato Date: July 16th & 17th,2016
  2. US OPEN
    City & Country: Orlando Florida,USA Promoter: Mike Sawyer & Mike Mccoy Date: July 8th & 9th , 2016 Email.
  3. Campeonato Brasileiro
    City & Country: Cruzeiro,Brasilea,Brazil Promoter: Cebam & IOKO Brasil Date: July 1st,2nd &3rd ,2016 Email:
IOGO (International Open Grappling Organization) is a sister organization of IOKO that focuses on ranking competitors that participate in grappling, jiu-jitsu, or MMA events.