Blitz Mayan Challenge 
This year Blitz Mayan Challenge will gather a selection of esteemed competitors from various countries to make the most out of your competition. Are YOU ready? 
Mayan Challenge is renowned for its excellence and quality. This year marks the 24th Anniversary of this legendary event. 
Over the years we have seen the most valued martial arts competitors around the world gathered at this tournament. Some of which are world champions in point fighting such as Anthony Price, Pedro Xavier, Tony Young, Jadi Tention, Preston Clements, Jason Bourelly, Mike Pombeiro, Raymond Daniels, Robbie Lavoie,Jack Felton, Ross Levine,Damian Rodriguez ,Leo Valdivia,Kodac Ray and JustinOrtiz!! 
This year, once again, we expect greatness from one of the most awaited tournaments in the world of martial arts. 
2016 Blitz Mayan Challenge
Blitz Mayan Challenge
  1. Jacob Pinto
  2. Mayan Challenge 2014
  3. Mayan Challenge 2014
  4. Mayan Challenge 2014
  5. Mayan Challenge 2014
  6. Mayan Challenge 2014
  7. Mayan Challenge 2014
Will you be a grand champion?
Don't miss this year's IOKO World Finals!
See you at Blitz Mayan Challenge on October 21 - 22 at Orlando, Florida